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Alcohol Policy Network in the Context of a Larger Europe
Bridging the Gap (Btg): 2004-2006

The Eurocare project, Alcohol Policy Network in the Context of a Larger Europe: Bridging the Gap (BtG) was funded by the European Commission for the years 2004-2006. The project included partners in 30 European countries as well as the World Health Organization (European Office), the European Youth Forum, and the European Public Health Alliance.

The main aim of the project was to create a vibrant alcohol policy network to further the development of an integrated Community strategy to reduce alcohol related-harm in the context of a larger Europe as embodied in the Council's conclusions of 5 June 2001, and to support and encourage European countries to implement the Council Recommendation on the drinking of alcohol by young people.

The deliverables of the Bridging the Gap 2004-2006 Project were: