European Alcohol Policy Conference Programme
Saturday 19 June 2004 - Workshop 6
What information is needed for alcohol policy - the role of knowledge transfer

Objective: One base for successful actions in alcohol policy is having the right information. This workshop shall define, together with the participants’ experiences, the following aspects of knowledge transfer:

What information is needed?

  • Do different actors need different information?
  • Who creates the scientific information?
  • How can information be given to the activators in the field of alcohol policy?

Subject (Links to /papers/presentations)


What information does the government need for a progressive alcohol policy?

Irene Abderhalden Sommerfeld
Ministry of Health,
Berne Switzerland

The experiences of SIPA in knowledge transfer: from science to action
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Matthias Meyer,
Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problems (SIPA),
Lausanne, Switzerland

Databases and sources of international information

Dr Peter Anderson,
Policy Advisor, Eurocare