European Alcohol Policy Conference Programme
Thursday 18 June 2004 - Workshop 3 (pm)
Alcohol marketing and problem drinking. 'The effects of binge-drinking and the starting age of consumption.'

Objective: The workshop will focus on the effects of alcohol advertising on binge drinking and the starting age of consumption and their implications for regulation of alcohol marketing as an element of alcohol prevention policy. The limitations and possibilities regarding the regulation of alcohol marketing will be discussed in a European context.

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Will regulation of alcohol marketing prevent young people from starting to drink?

Matthias Meyer
Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and other Drug Problems (SIPA), Switzerland

Effects of alcohol marketing on starting age and on binge drinking according to recent literature

Monique Kuunders
STAP (National Foundation of Alcohol Prevention) The Netherlands

Regulation of alcohol marketing in a European context - closing statement and discussion
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Dag Rekve,
Ministry of Social Affairs, Norway