European Alcohol Policy Conference Programme
Thursday 17 June 2004 - Workshop 3
Methods of Monitoring Alcohol Marketing

Objective: This workshop presents the results of some experiences of monitoring practices of alcohol marketing in the Netherlands and in Norway. The nature and amount of alcohol marketing is not easy to detect and in many cases political debates about alcohol marketing are held without sufficient and actual information about the practice of alcohol marketing.  In general we underestimate not only the impact but also the amount and the reach of the different marketing strategies of alcohol producers and sellers. Marketing via the internet, sponsoring, events, magazines, is as a matter of course, targeted towards specific target groups and in many cases this information does not reach policy makers or prevention workers who are lobbying for an effective alcohol policy. In this workshop we present some first concrete experiences with the practices of monitoring of alcohol marketing via discotheques, restaurants, supermarkets, Internet, TV and marketing by means of sponsorship. Experiences concerning the confrontation with Advertising Code Committees are presented. In this workshop all participants are invited to present their own experiences with monitoring alcohol marketing and with Advertising Code Committees.

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Monitoring alcohol marketing in Norway

Trine Stensen Lunde
AlkoKutt, Norway

Monitoring in discotheques by means of mystery guests

Monique Kuunders
National Foundation for Alcohol Prevention, STAP, The Netherlands

Results of different monitoring studies and complaining practices and their value for the political debate.  A scientific study of the effects of alcohol marketing via internet as a result of monitoring

Wim van Dalen
National Foundation for Alcohol Prevention, STAP, The Netherlands