European Alcohol Policy Conference Programme
Thursday 17 June 2004 - Workshop 2
The harm and cost related to 'alcohol problems in the workplace' - latest evidence and current trends

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Alcohol related problems in the workplace; the level of harm and cost – latest evidence and current trends

Sverre Nesvåg
Research Director at the Department of Work Environment at Rogaland Research, Norway

Ireland’s experience from a booming economy and a pervasive drinking culture; what is the cost of alcohol in Ireland for workers and business?

Paddy Creedon
Private consultant specialising in alcohol problems in the workplace

Comments from the ILO
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Joannah Caborn
SafeWork, International Labour Office

Comments from an economist

Christine Godfrey
Health Economics at the University of York

Panel discussion and questions

  • Do we know what we need to know in this area?
  • Where do we find comprehensive reviews of the research area for policy advocates?
  • How does research in this area correspond with and relate to three major policy processes and paradigms in health: Public health strategy of the EU; the WHO global burden of disease and the macroeconomics of health; and the EU Lisbon strategy?
  • As the nature of work changes: more individuality, larger service sector, less blue collar etc – how does this affect the nature of alcohol related problems in the “workplace”, and how is this apprehended by the research community?