European Alcohol Policy Conference

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Poland at the European crossroads
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Jerzy Mellibruda,
Director, The State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems, Poland

The financial cost and benefits of alcohol
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Christine Godfrey,
Centre of Health Economics, University of York, England

The German system of rehabilitation of alcohol addiction: A successful way of treatment or late and expensive intervention?
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Joachim Koehler
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, MPH
Federal Institute for Salaried Employees
(Bundesversicherungsanstalt für Angestellte, BfA)
Department of Basic Principles in Medicine,
Berlin, Germany

Youth as a target group in marketing alcoholic beverages
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Dag Rekve
Ministry of Social Affairs, Norway

The Loi Evin - A French Exception
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Alain Rigaud,
Président Association Nationale de Prévention en Alcoologie et Addictologie (ANPA) and
Michel Craplet,
Medical Advisor of ANPAA, chairman of Eurocare

Communicating About Alcohol: Educational and Regulatory Policies
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Thomas Babor,
University of Connecticut, USA

Towards alcohol free roads in Europe
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Hans Laurell,
Swedish National Road Administration

Promoting “natural recovery” from addiction and social support: Towards a self-change friendly society
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Harald Klingemann,
Research Director, Institute for Social Planning and Social Management (ISS), University of Applied Sciences Berne - School of Social Work, Switzerland

Strategies to help people change. The role of primary health care (general practice)
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Kaija Seppä,
Professor of General Practice,
University of Tampere,

From Primary Health Care to Specialized Treatment Centres: a gap difficult to bridge
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Antoni Gual,
Head of the Alcohol Unit, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona. Alcohol Consultant, Program on Substance Abuse, Health Department,
Catalonia, Spain

Specialist Services and helping people change
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Gerhard Bühringer,
Director, IFT Institute for Therapy Research,
Munich, Germany

Alcohol health promotion via mass media: The evidence on (in) effectiveness
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Linda Hill
Public Health Consultant
New Zealand

Alcohol-related mortality in the EU Member States
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Mats Ramstedt
SoRAD, Sweden

The structure and the aims of (Finland: Alcohol programme 2004 - 2007)
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Marjatta Montonen
Co-ordinator, Finland

Alcohol and the family in Europe
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Andrew McNeill,
Institute of Alcohol Studies,
London, England

Alcohol Policy and young people
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Ann Hope,
National Alcohol Policy Advisor, Department of Health and Children, Ireland

Why it is important and necessary to do prevention work in the workplace: Accidents, Absenteeism, Tardiness, Hangovers, Strains on co-workers, Replacement costs etc.
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David Gold and Joanna Caborn,
the International Labour Organisation

Experience of working in Poland and with the ILOp
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Ewa Osiatynska,
Batory Foundation, Regional A&D Program (Poland)

AKAN, the predominant Norwegian workplace programme since 1963
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Annette Paul,