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Andrew McNeill

IAS: The Institute of Alcohol Studies is an educational body in England with the basic aims of:

  • Increasing knowledge of alcohol and the social and health consequences of its misuse.
  • Encouraging and supporting the adoption of effective measures for the management and prevention of alcohol-related problems.

The Institute is financially independent of both government and the drinks industry and is sponsored by the Alliance House Foundation, a registered educational charity No 208554

Derek Rutherford

EUROCARE: was formed in 1990 as an alliance of voluntary and non-governmental organizations representing a diversity of views and cultural attitudes: and concerned with the impact of the European Union on alcohol policy in Member States.

EUROCARE is an acronym for European Council for Alcohol Research Rehabilitation and Education. In 1993 the members agreed that the working title of the organization should be EUROCARE - Advocacy for the Prevention of Alcohol Related Harm in Europe.