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Rolf Huellinghorst

German Center on Addiction Issues

Federal Organizations:

Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security

Federal Center of Health Education: The express task of the Federal Center of Health Education is to develop and implement educational strategies, in partnership with other bodies, thus promoting human health, in which communication and a multimedia approach were indispensable.

Deutsche Beobachtungsstelle für Drogen und Drogensucht (DBDD): After the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) had been founded in 1993, the German Ministry for Health nominated the Federal Centre for Health Education(BZgA), the German Centre on Addiction Problems (DHS) an  the Institute for Therapy Research (IFT) as Focal Points within the REITOX network of the EMCDDA

Federal Statistical Office Germany: The assignment of the office is to provide and distribute objective, independent and highly qualitative statistical information to all, namely politicians, government, administrative agencies, business and industry, and citizens in general, also to interest people, organizations of other countries.

Other relevant Organizations:

German: Institut für Therapieforschung
English: Institute for Therapy Research:
The Institute for Therapy Research is an non-governmental an d non-profit organization in the field of substance-related disorders and pathological gambling behavior (epidemiology, prevention, treatment and care systems) with several post graduate training and further education programmes

German: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Suchtforschung und Suchttherapie e.V.
English: German Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Therapy: The DG-Sucht was established in 1978 as one of the first and independent scientific societies in Germany by scientists and practical persons interested in addiction