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European Commission Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General - DG SANCO

DG SANCO has around 100 staff, mostly based in Luxembourg, who work on public health issues. Some of these officials manage or develop laws. The EU has a small but important body of public health legislation covering matters such as the safety and quality of blood, blood derivates, human tissues and human cells used in medical treatments.

It also includes laws restricting tobacco advertising and regulating other aspects of how cigarettes are manufactured and sold (for example, EU law requires high visibility black and white health warnings on the front and back of packs).

The main thrust of EU public health policy, though, is to help EU countries pool their expertise on health, to identify and share best practice and to help coordinate the EU wide response to health threats such as infectious disease outbreaks. Fostering cooperation between EU countries' healthcare systems is also becoming an increasingly important area of activity.

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