Report: Alcohol in Europe

In June 2006, the 400 page report, Alcohol in Europe, written by PeterAnderson and Ben Baumberg was published. The report describes the social, health and economic burden that alcohol brings to European citizens, families and to Europe as a whole, a burden that increases social marginalization and exclusion and places a strain on the viable, socially responsible and productive Europe, as envisaged by the Lisbon strategy.

The report finds that, although much has been on alcohol policy in the countries of Europe, much more can still be done to reduce alcohol's burden and to promote individual and European health. The report will note that alcohol policy is everybody's business; it is not only an issue for the health sector, but also for other sectors of public policy, including,amongst others, agriculture, business, criminal justice, education,finance, labour, municipalities, transport, and social welfare.

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To complete the report, four stakeholder meetings were arranged which involved NGOs, the industry and representatives from national administrations. After the report had been completed, a peer review by scientific experts was undertaken with representatives nominated by both the industry and the health community. The conclusions from this meeting are annexed in the main report.

Download the stakeholder and peer meeting reports:

The report was funded by the Public Health Programme (2003 - 2008), which
is designed to reinforce EU action in the field of public health within a
single and coherent framework as part of an overall public health strategy.